Trench Wet

Trench Wet got its name from its fabric, which visually looks wet. This cut model incorporates the features of Victorian luxury - and restraint. Velvet picket creates an exquisite touch of trench coat, in which it is impossible to go unnoticed.

All accessories on the trench coat are covered with fabric and perfectly harmonize with the product of premium quality.  The upper coating of the fabric consists of triacetate (processed wood and cellulose) and artificial rubber (squeezing from plants of waste of the agro-industrial complex).

The fabric does not absorb moisture, and the organic composition of silk and cotton provide warmth and microcirculation of air from the inside.

The metallized thread in the composition allows the product to last for many years with proper care, and creates a small relief on the fabric, visually similar to the waves in the river in windy weather.

24% triacetate (recycled cellulose and wood), 20% organic silk, 4% cotton, 18% artificial rubber from plants, 14% metallized thread
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