Ash Moon Dress

The absence of a satellite from the planet Venus is the inspiration for the creation of the SS23 clothing drop, as you know, many scientists have been arguing for generations about the presence of a satellite, doubts were generated by an ashy glow, it was also called "Ashes of the moon" which can be seen on the night side of the planet Venus, the light created an optical illusion in a telescope.

The dress reminds that women's beauty never fades, it is always filled with light, a force that can charm and mislead, attract and smolder in the memories of its glow.

A corset-type dress with a full skirt made of weightless crepe silk, with an exclusive texture of the canvas, in the form of craters and creases, and boiled Japanese cotton.

Crepe silk author
base's is 100% boiled Japanese cotton.

150000 Тг

30000 ₽

335 $

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