Venus Glow Dress 2

Dress The Glow of Venus 1, like an optical illusion in a viewer's telescope.

Designer Elena reflecting on the sacred sacredness of the planet Venus, inspired by its mysterious and charming mysticism, which reminds us of the goddess VENUS, who gave beauty, sophistication, sensuality, mystery inherent in both the planet and women.

I created a dress made of a unique delicate material, with an open back, deconstructive cups that comfortably hold the chest and give pleasure from reproducing the dress on its owner.

Hidden drawstring on both sides of the dress at the bottom of the skirt, able to vary the height of the skirt due to the assembly, and create the effect of a mermaid.

20% viscose, 30% triacetate (recycled eucalyptus fibers)15% organic cotton, 35% recycled polyester

The dress is presented in 1 size (s/m)
individual tailoring according to your size is possible.

150000 Тг

30000 ₽

335 $

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