Dress The Road of Illusions

How often do we imagine our paths and roads in an imaginary scenario? Where will these roads lead us? How can they be beautiful and tortuous? There can be so little truth in them. But each of them will leave a pattern. It will leave its mark, which later will surely grow into an understanding that the magic of life is just beginning. You can see the patterns of your path only after a while.

In this dress, a drawing of a dreamer artist in a duet with life itself. It is created with a unique texture. Every detail is cut and embroidered by hand. Thanks to painstaking manual labor, the dress conveys the whole essence of what has been said.

Composition: 40% silk, 20% recycled eucalyptus fibers, 10% viscose, 10% recycled nylon, 20% lycra.

150000 Тг

30000 ₽

320 $

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