The brand was founded by designer Elena Mezhova in 2020.

Lena is a professional choreographer who studied for a profession in Israel in the company of Ohad Naharin "Batsheva Dance Company" and Estonia for the director of a theatrical performance at the founder of Ultima VEZ, Wim Vandekeybus. She devoted more than 10 years to teaching as a choreographer. A smooth transition in fashion design was made in 2018, after studying at the Metrix Academy.

One of the main sources of inspiration for Lena is the local dance culture and love for art, as well as the search for new forms in different eras.
The Lena 's collections are a story about a personality who is not afraid to expand beyond the ordinary.

This is a look at a woman in different eras, a combination of Victorian style with the emancipation of a dancer.

The aesthetics of the Carmelite nuns in the interpretation of the appearance designer, as modesty, saturated with an aphrodisiac. The heroine of the brand is an Amazon of modernity, armed with intellect and endowed with creative taste, open to new trends, ready to lead.
Tailoring takes place entirely at our own local production
We strive to create a world where we and everyone we connect with through our products and services appreciate our individuality and can live in our own style.

We DO NOT work with manufacturers:
  • using low-skilled labor;
  • violating labor laws;
  • not corresponding to the highest requirements to tailoring of products.

The quality of our clothes is the result of the work of people who are passionate about their work and do it not only professionally, but also from the heart.

We embody bold ideas, combining a real need for clothes and a creative approach, satisfying the desires of our customers with the help of human resources and experience.
Consciousness in choice
The brand advocates a massive shift towards conscious consumption, making products from recycled materials and organic raw materials, paying special attention to the quality of products and prioritizing long-term fashion.

With our brand, we want to not only showcase the different facets of fashion design through custom cuts, but also emphasize individuality through the authenticity of products that are different from mass production.

With our foresight and finely tuned sensibility, we create things that are one step ahead of the times and trends.
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