The Ashen light of Venus
The absence of a satellite of the planet Venus is the inspiration for the creation of the SS23 clothing drop, as you know, many scientists have been arguing for generations about the presence of a satellite of Venus, doubts were generated by the ashy glow that can be seen on the night side of the planet Venus, the light created an optical illusion in a telescope.

Later, scientists agreed on the conclusion that satellites are present only on the outer planets, who receive little light. When like Venus, it doesn't need it.

Designer Elena reflecting on the sacred neutrality of this planet, inhaling its mysterious and charming mysticism, which reminds us of the goddess VENUS, who gave beauty, sophistication, sensuality, mystery inherent in both the planet and women.

Dresses and bodysuits in the SS23 collection of deconstructive cut, with various elements of draperies, remind that her beauty never fades, she is always filled with light, power that can charm and mislead, attract and smolder in the memories of her glow.

This is a sensual dialogue about female nature, it is a trail of charm after the woman leaves the field of view of the observer.
Good bye unicorn
The FW23 collection is a poetry of memories, it is a monad of wisdom in meekness.

This is the story of the journey of life and painstaking work on renouncing the illusions of the world. This is the story of a wise warrior woman, the story of a nomad with devotion to the values of his soul.
This is the awareness of the fragility of the world and the departure from places and images that have lost their meanings. There is no need to appear, it is enough just to be.

FW23 is a memory of those colors that do not want to leave the memory. Saying goodbye to them is reborn into the emotional power of the gifted moments of life that inspired us. Now they feel like smoldering memories on our shoulders , which pierce and get lost in the very heart of our new Self .
Anatomy of nature
The collection shows
the desire of the human soul to get closer to the harmony of nature, but to some extent it remains an unattainable dream.

Because nature is very honest in its qualities and is not embellished with false. She remains herself even in the most vulnerable position.

A person today really wants to achieve this honesty, this harmony ...
But, a huge gap of rooted stereotypes and pressure do not allow
a person to move from the old shackles of consumption to new realities.

Each item in the collection is named after a plant or insect.
Alexandra Levasseur & Lena Mejova
In the Collaboration with Canadian artist and sculptor Alexandra Levasseur, we tried to create clothes like a work of art. Like some kind of artistic expression.

What inspired the collection?
Of course, the great and mysterious power of the feminine. The collection is a reflection of the nature of a woman. Strong and filled with energy, which shows its power every day.

The paintings included in the collaboration were inspired by the symbols of ancient civilizations - Roman and Mesopotamian. We have impregnated the design with the aesthetics of past eras, made it more modern and we managed to recreate the image of this great woman "Mother Earth".
The Albedo collection draws its inspiration from the history of Alchemy. Albedo is a period when a personality has already passed the period of initial formation and it can be said for sure that it exists, and it is no longer about formation, but about development.

This is the initial process of contemplation of the world by a person, and literally the crystallization of a person's individuality in his external and internal appearance. Now he has become spiritually enlightened and is able to see the true essence of things.
A person is like a white Swan, calmly floating on the water surface in the silvery rays of the moon.
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