Japanese technologies in the production of fabrics
Fabric production in Japan
At the beginning of the brand, we set a goal to use "smart" fabrics that will protect the most important aspects of the global environment, such as air, water, livestock and forests.
 Jenesaq creates the style of tomorrow with an unwavering commitment to innovation through the introduction of recycled fabrics.
All materials used in the tailoring are purchased from the factory in Osako, founded in 1865 by Japanese kimono tailor - Sadasuke Taki, who created a company with a worldwide reputation and innovative approach. Today it is a huge factory that has learned to use materials that used to be thrown away. It has recreated a whole world of sustainable fabric production.
They use unsold raw materials from various sectors of production: wood, agriculture, plastics, fishing, clean and mix them with organic fibers from wild cotton and silk, hemp, eucalyptus.
 As a result, wear-resistant fabrics of a new generation are born, which are able to decompose within a year of being underground, as they undergo special processing. Values ​​with which tomorrow is not terrible
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